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Most discoveries are unexpected, and ~ you may make surprises in life. 

After biological evolution, structural changes, along the new path, we are heading to the future ~ 

Bubblingplus intends to satisfy the needs of our customers, to reduce their pain points and to experience the pleasure of creation.

We believe people’s feeling is the key to our business and the foundation of our products. We add a fragment to the products.

In this way customers can enjoy purchasing our products, and also a good product experience.

Fresh taste, rich life

We enjoy the relaxation and pleasure brought by drink but never thought of changing the sensation it brings as it glides down our throats.

The Bubblingplus -Surprise Bottle change the taste of any drinks and dissolve the gas in the drink in one minute.

The Surprise Surprise Bottle dissolve a variety of flavors of gas and changes the texture of the drink effortlessly, making the drink smoother and silkier. Soft drink bubbles giving an illusion on the tip of your tongue provides a smooth and velvety taste that instantly emanate from the mouth.

There is no calories and additivies and sugar.

The Surprise bottle purify your life.Bring the best and the original flavor for drinks.

Surprise each tasty.